6th ESPID Research Master Class (ERMC)

ESPID 6th Research Masterclass Dublin 2014

After five very successful masterclasses we are proud to continue this highly successful format with a sixth ESPID Research Masterclass (ERMC) in Dublin, Ireland.

ESPID Research Masterclass (ERMC) is planned to be a closed, seminar type of forum for active pediatric infectious diseases (PID) research groups in Europe. The research can be bench type basic or translational research, clinical studies, epidemiological research or other studies in the area of pediatric infectious diseases.

The primary aim of ERMC is to provide better opportunities for young researchers to present their studies and discuss their research with other junior colleagues as well as with European research group leaders. During the Masterclass, the junior researchers will be trained how to present their data, ask questions or chair a session. They will receive guidelines for scientific discussion in a seminar type of positive atmosphere. The second aim of the seminar is to provide the researchers a better view of recent PID research in Europe and also to stimulate discussions of new research collaborations among ESPID members.

To Whom:
It is important to point out that this ERMC is based on attendance of research teams and not only individuals. The research groups should apply their attendance as a group of junior and senior researchers (maximum size of a group is 6 persons). At least one of the senior researchers in the group should be an ESPID member.

ERMC will take place in Dublin on Saturday May 10, from 9.00 to 17.00. The organizing team strongly encourages research groups to attend the whole ESPID Annual meeting in Dublin, 6-10 May 2014.

Financial support:
Each accepted group will receive € 500 from ESPID for the participation of a maximum of two junior members (total € 1000).

This amount should support travel costs and the cost of an overnight stay at a hotel. In addition, ESPID will waive the Meeting registration fee for all junior participants, providing that they are ESPID members. Senior members are expected to cover the costs of their attendance from their own budget.

Application from the group (all applications must include the following):

  • A short summary (one page, A4) of current research interests of the group
  • A list of 10 recent publications from the group
  • A list of the participants (1 - 2 senior, 1 - 5 junior, with a maximum of 6 participants per group) with their e-mail addresses
  • A one slide power point presentation of the team

Please note that 1-2 of junior members from each team should be ready to give an oral presentation of their research.

Maximum size of this application is one page and deadline of submission is February 1st, 2014. The applications should be sent to ESPID Secretariat at espid@kenes.ch

What happens then:
Based on the interest of the European PID research groups the ERMC organizing team will make the final decision about the topics of the day. All the research groups will be directly informed about the selected topics and groups before March 15th, 2014.

The organizing team will make the final programme of the Masterclass in close collaboration with the attending research groups.

The ERMC Committee,


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