Complaint Form

1. Introduction

ESPID recognises the value of complaints as an important tool in monitoring and responding to participants and members expectation. In order to assist us to respond appropriately, all forms of complaint need to be documented and assessed as part of an on-going process.

2. Purpose

This policy sets out the responsibility of ESPID to:

Recognise, promote and protect the participants and members right to complain about their dealings with the ESPID Annual Meeting, ensure an accessible and publicised complaints procedure is in place, recognise the need to be fair to both the complainant and the organisation or person complained about, provide a mechanism for responding to complaints in a timely and courteous manner, determine and implement remedies, provide adequate resources to support the complaints management process, and record, assess and review complaints on a regular basis to ensure responsiveness and on-going commitment to service improvement.

3. Definition and Procedure

Complaints are expressions of dissatisfaction made by participants and as such form a major source of the member’s perception of services received from ESPID.

Complaints can be made:

  • By letter, fax or email to the ESPID Secretary
  • On a specific complaint form which will be available online at the Annual Meeting website or available at the ESPID booth during the Meeting.
  • Via comments and feedback on surveys

Complaints to be addressed directly to the ESPID secretary

Maria Tsolia, M.D., PhD

ESPID Secretary
Associate Professor of Paediatrics
Paediatric Infectious Diseases
Second Department of Paediatrics
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
School of Medicine
P. and A. Kyriakou Children´s Hospital
115 27 Athens, Greece

4. Commitment

A participant/ member’s right to complain is recognised, and the ESPID secretary will handle and forward complaints to the appropriate area as needed. All staff is empowered to provide information and advice on the complaints handling process. Complaints which are complex or require additional support will be referred to the

relevant area of responsibility. All complaints will be reviewed in a timely and efficient manner, with a view to resolving issues in a non-confrontational, non- adversarial environment. Complaints will be documented and reviewed regularly as part of an on-going service quality assessment. ESPID will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 4 weeks and we will make every effort to resolve the complaint within 60 days of receipt. The participant/ member will be notified if a longer period is necessary to reply to the complaint.

The complaints policy will be referenced on the ESPID society website and the annual meeting website and from 2012 onwards also in the annual meeting programme book.

5. Resources

The complaints procedures will be documented and located in the ESPID filing system, which will be maintained and to which the ESPID board will have access at all times. All complaints must be recorded, and these records must be kept for at least one year. Accumulated data on complaints will be discussed annually at board meetings and will be shown at the AGM.

6. Complaints handling process

Complaints will be handled fairly and justly and in a consistent manner, and with the understanding that complainants should not be disadvantaged by the complaint process. Complaints against staff will be directed to the relevant Manager and all correspondence and assessments will be confidential. Complainants will be kept informed of their complaint and of the final resolution.

Please click here to download the official complaint form.

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